Management Team

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Mitchell Goh

CEO and Co-founder

Mitchell has over 10 years of expertise in the employee benefits space. Prior to this Mitchell was a trained and practicing social worker. The cumulation of his experiences is now driving his passion to improve financial wellbeing amongst employees. 

In his little spare time, Mitchell enjoys playing football with his mates and spending time with his daughters. 

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Ian Goh


Ian is a versatile startup CTO and Software Engineer with over 14 years experience in driving, implementing and consulting effective tech strategies across finance, banking and supply chain industries. Ian specialises in agile software development, Application Programming Interfaces and blockchain. 

Ian is an armchair archaeologist in his spare time.

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Nick Gan

Head of Sales

Nick has over 5 years of rich experience in sales and marketing. He has worked with various reputed organisations and has undertaken numerous projects in various fields across the South East Asian region.

Nick is a travel-holic especially to 

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Advisory Board

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Rose Tan

A Certified Practising Management Consultant and widely known by the Singapore Media as a PR Guru, Rose is also affectionately dubbed as Aunty Rose by the industry. Rose started Rose Tan Agencies in 1992, and its massive success saw world no. 2 sports and entertainment marketing agency Octagon bought into the local firm in 1999. She then went on to start IMSG , an integrated marketing solutions agency.


An expert in crisis management, marketing and brand amplification, Rose started her third agency, CROWD and is enjoying/enjoyed similar success with brands like Nespresso, Tiger Beer, Heineken, Nike, SCS Butter, Super & Owl coffee,  Cold Storage, Mr Bean, Popular and more.


Arsalan is the managing partner of Brand Philosophy. A brand strategist with 20+ years of experience working in Singapore, California and New York with local, regional, and multi-national brands in Asia, North America, Australia and Europe.

Arsalan brings extensive experience with brand strategy and managerial & operational expertise. His past roles have included Director of Client Services for TMP Worldwide (New York, Boston and Philadelphia), Managing Director for Miller Advertising Agency (New York and Palo Alto, California), and Managing Director for Jorg Dietzel Brand Consultants (Singapore).


He currently sits on the Board of the DPA in Singapore, and periodically acts as a judge at industry events and guest lectures in local universities.